Conservative Candidate Endorsements

Mike Ezell

Mike Ezell 4th district primary and general election winner. CCC endorsed him against Steven Palazzo. We helped take out a 12-year crooked incumbent Congressman.

Michael Cassidy

Michael Cassidy 3rd district primary winner lost in a run-off to the Incumbent Michael Guest. CCC endorsed Cassidy who lost the run-off to Guest with the help of the Congressional Leadership Fund dumping 100’s of thousands into the race to support Guest. 

Brian Flower

Brian Flower 2nd district primary winner. CCC endorsed Brian who was running against a long-term incumbent Democrat Benny Thompson. Brian with a shoestring budget and without the help of most of the establishment Republicans came close to defeating Benny. He is an inspiration to CCC with his hard-fought battle. 

Harriot Hagerman

Harriot Hagerman Wyoming Congressional winner. CCC endorsed Ms. Hagerman against a long-time RINO Liz Cheney. Congresswoman Hagerman beat Cheney by 40 points in a landslide victory.