Biden’s environmental destruction of America

Since Biden took office and opened our borders, there have been more than 4 million illegals have come across. I read an article that if nothing changes we could have another 10 million illegal immigrants added to our population. The one thing that is never brought up by environmentalists is the effect this will have on our environment.

Take CO2 emissions, according to government sources each person contributes 20 tons of CO2 per year. That means with just the 4 million illegals they will contribute 80 million tons more to our total. By the end of the Biden term if there are 10 million illegals that would be 800 million more tons of CO2 per year. When we are trying to lower our emissions?

We have water shortages every year and droughts all over the country. According to the government each person uses 82 gallons of water per day in America. So just with the 4 million here now, that will use another 119,720,000,000 gallons of water a year. By the end of the Biden term, that number would go up to 299,300,000,000 gallons of water a year added to our usage. In a time of shortages?

Of course, the Biden administration wants to end fossil fuels. According to the government in 2015 our usage per person was 656 gallons per year. So with 4 million new illegal immigrants here that will be another 2,624,000,000 gallons a year of usage. Give it to the end of the Biden term and the usage will go up to 6,560,000,000 gallons more gas used every year. I wonder how all these illegals will afford an electric car? Maybe a new giveaway by the Democrats. Free electric cars.

Here in the US according to our government, each person in America creates 1606 pounds of trash per year, 4.4 pounds a day. This trash is going to landfills all over America. With the Biden open border numbers that means the 4 million illegals added so far are going to add 6,424,000,000 pounds of trash a year. By the end of his term that will be 16,060,000,000 pounds of trash yearly to our totals. I wonder where the environmentalist are since this will help destroy our environment.

Now we are talking about food shortages coming to America. The government tells us that in America we consume on average 1996 pounds of food a year per person. So we are having a shortage and environmentalists are upset about cow farts having 4 million illegals added will surely advance our destruction. The current 4 million illegals will add another 7,984,000,000 pounds of food we have to produce every year just to feed them. By the end of the Biden term that need will go up to 19,960,000,000 pounds of food added to what we need already. Not to mention the amount of energy to produce this extra food adding to the CO2 and environmental waste that we will have to clean up.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the cost to the environment and the cost to American taxpayers. Nothing Biden is doing makes sense but this has to be the biggest crime against America. All this and the environmentalist sit on the sidelines and do nothing. The mainstream media says nothing. This looks like a concerted effort to destroy America so the Democrats can build their socialist utopia. I can see no other reason for open borders and Democrats not speaking out.

Written by: Carl Boyanton

Carl Lester Boyanton is a devoted father, CCP holder, astute businessman, and loving husband of 26 years. As a lifelong Republican, he fights every day to promote and preserve conservative values.

August 31, 2022


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