Bidens (destruction of) America

We still have 2 years of the Biden and Democrat machine to live through. Hopefully, we can make it. I believe as we get closer to the end of his regime his minions will do all they can to destroy as much of America as they can. I can only believe their intent is to destroy America as we know it and try to build it back as a socialist utopia.

Of course, there is no such thing and socialism has failed throughout time. Just look to our south and see how Argentina is fairing under a limited socialist society. They are protesting in the streets because the government is running out of other people’s money to pay for social programs.

Here in America Biden is trying to destroy us from within by unleashing illegal immigrants, sex trafficking, drugs, and disease across our southern border. No country can withstand bringing in millions of poor people and putting them on the government’s dole. We are on the precipice of destruction and aided by the Democrats in Congress.

We had over 100,000 deaths by drug overdoses last year. The most in a year. Biden now holds the record for killing the most Americans by drug overdose and still lets drugs flood the border. Drugs are flowing in because our border agents are too busy babysitting illegals to try to stop the flow.

Biden’s border policy is also killing illegal immigrants. In 2021 over 650 deaths trying to get into the US. Then add on over 80 percent of all Central American women coming to America are raped on the way up and you can see that the Biden administration doesn’t care about people only about power and money. Then comes the diseases that are crossing the southern border. We are seeing mumps, tuberculosis, chicken pox, and many more diseases that we have eradicated now coming across the border.

I am surprised that environmentalists aren’t up in arms as well. With over 2 million illegals coming in last year that means 2 million more people causing waste and destruction of our natural resources. More pollutants and more people driving and consuming. The Democrats think that letting in millions of illegals and putting them on the government dole will vote Democrat.

It is up to us to start fighting back. It is up to us to vet and elect true “America First” politicians. We need to elect fiscal conservative politicians from school boards to Governors. We need to get more young conservatives elected so they can have a voice in our government and expand the Republican party. We need the Republican party to go back to supporting our constitution and founding principles. God bless America, we can win this battle.

Written by: Carl Boyanton

Carl Lester Boyanton is a devoted father, CCP holder, astute businessman, and loving husband of 26 years. As a lifelong Republican, he fights every day to promote and preserve conservative values.

August 2, 2022


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